Grass Roofing For The Construction Industry

Article by Plymouth Builders

We have recently been commissioned to build a number of properties using the unusual but not so new “Grass Roof”. Other wise known as green roofing, building companies particularly in our home city of Plymouth have been a little slow on the uptake of green roofs as it was such an unknown. There were concerns about the structural requirements, the maintenance and also planning restrictions.

Our experience now shows that these concerns are nothing more than a worry for nothing and have found the implementation really straightforward. As a construction company working with all kinds of renovations, new builds and conversions this gives us something different to offer our prospective customers.

Green roofs serve many different results for a  structural building, benefits like absorbing rainwater, insulating the property and decreasing complaints from people about new buildings decimating the landscape by providing a more aesthetically designed integration into the natural habitat. It can also lower urban air temperatures and mitigate the heat island effect.

We worked very closely with Gramitech for our project and they provided all the detail we needed to proceed with designing, building and maintaining such an innovative way to roof your new property. The main thing we had to consider was the load bearing on the supporting beams. Gramitech provided a formula to follow whereby the square metre area and the type,size and weight of the supporting structure accurately calculated the thickness of beams required.

The site we worked on really needed the properties to blend into the countryside, it was the terms of the building regulations they had secured which demanded environmental style and aesthetics.

Now we have these roofing methods as part of our portfolio we hope this gives us another edge over our competitors. I would certainly recommend upgrading your current building and roofing service by working with Gramitech and if you are a consumer thinking about this for your contracting project then we would say go for it. The end product is very effective way of waterproofing and insulating a roof and your property will have that unique look.

The 4 Myths About Green Roofs That We Should Forget

We know that myths are not true. We always think it’s real, but it’s not. Like for green roofs, we have always thought about negative things which none of it are right. Sometimes we tend to be pessimistic over something that makes us lose the opportunity to gain from it. Check out the myths about the green roof that we should get out of our heads.

It’s a new technology that is still at an experimental stage

It’s a big NO! Green roofs weren’t just discovered yesterday. If you think it’s something new then maybe you are too young to know that green roofs have been around for more than seven decades already. It’s not your fault if you are not familiar with it. Probably, you weren’t born yet at that time.

Green roof is just for green buildings exclusively

Wrong again. A green roof can be installed at your home where there is no direct plea for environmental concern. It can be an added garden, or you just want to have a fresh and clean air around your family

Green roof looks beautiful, but it causes structural issue and leakage

It’s a myth. Having a green roof is not an excuse if a rooftop has some issues regarding the structure. The alignment can change making the green roof look awful, or there could be a problem with the leakage. It’s not because of the green roof because it can happen whatever material you use if it was not installed the right way.

Green roofs are hard to maintain, and it cost much to irrigate


Here’s the thing. Yes, plants need water to survive, but the perspective about the high cost of maintenance is something that is not true. The green roof needs irrigation for the first part when the plants are starting to establish their place in the green roof.

I hope the myths are clear now and we can all forget about it. We should always look beyond within every myth ever told.

3 Best Reasons Why You Should Consider Having A Grass Roof

Grass Roofs are becoming a hot item these days. Its popularity is rising to the public. People are beginning to be conscious about the environment so they are now becoming a fan of the things that can conserve energy and help Mother Nature. One of the best things that you can do to help the environment and yourself is to get a grass roof. It’s not the traditional way but here are some reasons why you should consider using a grass roof instead of any other materials

Natural Insulation
I would say that this is the best reason to go green on your roof. A grass roof provides an excellent insulation to your home. It can help the cold and the heat out of your home. It will help you manage things inside your house during the heated season of summer and the freezing moment of winter. This is an installation we did for Portsmouth Tree Surgeons in the UK.

green-roof4Sound Barrier
It’s not that grass roofs can diminish the sound because that’s quite impossible unless you specifically have the room on sound proof. A grass roof reduces the sound tremendously. If you are easily distracted by the loud blowing of horns or the busy sound of the metro, having a grass roof is a good solution so you can concentrate on what you’re doing without any distraction from the noise. This is an installation we did for a block of flats in Bern, Switzerland

We can’t deny the fact that wherever we go, there is a high probability of contamination in the air. Our world has been industrialized that causes air pollutants to be everywhere most especially in a big city where it’s always business as usual. If you have a grass roof, even if you are in the most polluted city there’s still something that can be done about the air pollution reduction.

Don’t be the last to experience having a grass roof. The three reasons should be more than enough for you to decide that you need a grass roof at home.

3 Things That You Can Add In Your Home To Make It Energy Efficient

Constructing a home is not as simple as it used to be. People are more concerned about how it can be energy efficient. Why not? It’s good as it can benefit the homeowners and it is a great help to the environment as well. Here are some things that you can add in your home to conserve a lot of energy and save a big amount of money.

Solar Panels


We have probably heard a lot of things about solar panels and there is no doubt that it is a great addition to your home. There’s a lot of perks that you can benefit from it. Imagine if you no longer need to pay the high amount of electric bills since you can already get it for free. Sounds fantastic, right?

Green Roof

It’s great to be close to nature, so if you are living somewhere far from it, a green roof is the best option. It acts as an excellent insulation for whatever weather you have. It’s also good for the health since the air around you will be clean. Aside from that, there is no need to worry about the pests because having a green roof is a great way to keep them at bay.

Roof Overhangs


It’s the best way to keep cool inside your home. Just make sure that it will be installed and positioned the right way and the right place to ensure 100% efficiency. During summer when the sun heat is at its strongest, it’s important to have deep roof overhangs. It can be the shield of your home from the sun, that way the cold air can stay still inside your home.

It is significant that you make your home energy efficient these days. Our environment is having a vital problem with all the pollution and bills are consistently increasing. Do yourself a favor and start installing these great add-ons.